I’ll have a look tomorrow and see what I can find in our cooking books. Do you have a microwave or an oven or both?

yeah got an oven, and thank you ;3; <3333

Is there anything specific you want?

I’d say fool-proof but that clearly didn’t work so just try to avoid area specific ingredients like strawberries and golden syrup and lemon curd and macadamia nuts

Are you looking for baking or cooking recipes?

baking baking

I wrecked two EASY baking recipes these past two days this is a challenge now please send me recipe recs?


what if grayson were just 50 issues of dick trying to be a spy and failing

he’s fighting off bloodhounds and they just lick his face

he goes undercover and everyone asks “hey aren’t you that wayne kid”

he fucks up every operation by announcing to the room that they’re all foul mouthed scumbags while practicing his backflips

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Yo so here’s a convo I had last night with cornflakepizza regarding margay Damian and Jason and Talia and Bruce

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So I made a thing based on cornflakepizza's big cats AU. Margay kitten Dami ver.! Here’s Dami with the markings too but since it looked weird I decided to post the version with just the freckles too