When in doubt, vagueblog/bitch to friends. We all do that, it’s ok. XD

<333 that we do

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Yeah, of course. You have to pick your battles. That’s why I never discuss this stuff online because anons be cray and I don’t want the hassle, either. But I really understand why this annoys you, and I agree!

Yeah =A= so I always end up making untagged pissy posts and deleting them 5 minutes later, such is life UxU

Yeah it’s true, and of course you always have to be 100% sure the story is made up, back it up with sources. If people then still think you’re having bad intentions, it’s their problem, not yours.

except that I’ve seen people do that and still get a shitload of anon hate OTL people can either read long boring essays with sources or blindly support the popular social justice post. it’s the problem when the judge is a mob :U

I think actually, it’s worse. Because it means that they’re discrediting a legitimately good cause by lying, thereby hurting that cause. So being angry at that is a totally understandable reaction tbh.

Yeah because if you mix up made up shit with good points, when ppl discover the made up shit they’re going to think “if this is fake maybe the good points are fake too”

but STILL when you bring it up ppl assume you’re just against the cause and you can’t even speak out OTL

I hate when people make out stuff for good causes because if it’s for a bad cause you can call them out just fine but if it’s for a good cause it’s still a shitty (and often harmful) lie but there’s no way to call it out without looking like an asshole who is against that good cause.


haha! have fun at highschool today NERDS. i’m gonna be doing cool ADULT stuff like sleeping WHENEVER i want and CRYING 

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あの〜、もしリクエスト受け入れてたら、ジェイソンとティムが仲良くしてるとこ描いてもらってもいいでしょうか…:(*´////`*): (〃艸〃)



遅くなりました~!ザッと絵で申し訳ないです>< ティムの髪の毛にワックスつけてあげるジェイソンです