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notes: I’m picturing this in my auto shop au

Damian rolled his eyes as his brother wrapped an arm around him, pulling him tightly against Dick’s side. The younger brother kept a firm grip on Jason’s hand, trying not to let the older man pull him across both himself and Kory.

"I remember-" Dick paused to turn his head and grin when Kory snaked an arm around his waist and pulled him closer. He leaned over, pressed a kiss to her cheek, and then turned his attention back to his younger brother. "I remember when you were little- You’d never let me get away with this," he slurred. His grin grew wider, flashing a smile that was all teeth and surely was what had Roy and Kory fall for him.

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yuekato asked:
Are you still taking prompts right now? If not, do this whenever you feel like it and have the time: DickDami, Dick taking Damian in as Nightwing's apprentice after a huge fight with Bruce. Both patrol Bludhaven as Nightwing and Bratwing <3 Fingerstripes-handholding included?


(prompts closed; three sentence fic requests open)

Title: Need Not Be Said
Characters: Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne
Pairing: Dickdami, though could be a bit gen too? I dunno.
A/N: Another one of those instances where I probably didn’t follow the prompt at all, and just started writing words down. I like to imagine that Dick and Damian have this thing where they don’t tell each other things because they just know? Also, slow burns are pretty great. There’s a lot of implications of feelings and emotions here, is what I’m trying to say.

Basically, this probably sucks. If anything, just a bunch of vignettes of the two working together as partners after a long time and being content in each other’s presence. Damian is roughly 22 or older. Dick’s whatever. Nightwing remained in his blue digs, Damian’s is the Chicago-red version.

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First draft

Pairing: DamiTim

Verse: Art School AU

Notes: you think I had given up on this well you’re wrong I’m just a slow ass motherfucker sorry about that

Previously: 1 2 3


Damian’s throat went dry the moment he saw Tim. It was preposterous, but he seemed to have forgotten what Tim looked like. The shock that Tim’s features caused him hadn’t lost any of the strength from the first day.

However, the situation was even worse than their two previous interactions. Not only had his dog -stupid affectionate dog that Damian never had the heart to teach some discipline to- attacked him, Damian himself looked like he had just crawled out of a hole. That was usually Todd’s look.

Maybe Tim would like that. He did seem to like Todd more than he liked Damian himself.

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