i dont know whats emptier, my bank account or my love life

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itsredrobinnotswanqueen replied to your post “I phoned apple and they told me I need a mac to fix the iPad, which…”

I honestly have not had this much incompetence from this company this is unbelievable.

basically I apparently acquired a broken iPad and they’re telling me I need to repair it myself and that they’ll like guide me through the process but they’re not gonna do shit or provide me the tools or let me take it to a store bc it’s such a cool company they’re all way too busy

I phoned apple and they told me I need a mac to fix the iPad, which apparently came out wrong from the factory. “ask a friend to lend you yours” holy shit this is the worst company in the universe.

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fishfingersandjellybabies replied to your post “fishfingersandjellybabies replied to your post:my ipad just won’t turn…”

huh, that’s weird! It’s on the back of my dad’s ipad. But this one is also like 12 generations ago, so maybe they don’t do it anymore :x

I can’t see it, but apple support tells me to go to settings/about something something I can’t do

itsredrobinnotswanqueen replied to your post “my ipad just won’t turn on and the solution apple gives me requires me…”

Do you have a computer with itunes you can hook it up to?

when I hook it up to itunes absolutely nothing happens because it DOESN’T TURN ON it’s just a brick

and I’ve tried charging it already

isn’t the serial number on the back with al the other shady specs of the product?

nah man thanks to apple sleek modern design there’s nothing but the apple logo